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LPM Institute offers a variety of coaching and facilitation sessions on legal process improvement (LPI), ranging from short overview sessions introducing the concepts and terminology to participants to full-day workshops.  We also facilitate LPI collaboration sessions between a law firm and an individual client.  Our full-day sessions are designed exclusively for the legal profession.  We will not be using manufacturing or engineering terms or tools and techniques because we understand you are not making widgets; you are delivering a service. 

Workshop topics include:

  • Overview of legal process improvement – what is it and what’s the connection to legal project management

  • Understanding where you operate and how to drive profits through improved processes

  • Process mapping – determining what is adds value to the client and what does not and how to source those things that are not value-add differently – this will be the bulk of the true “work” during the workshop and where the participants will be able to map out how they do things and walk away with an idea of doing things differently

  • Overcoming obstacles to process improvement – managing the new process to create a successful outcome

  • How to make the change and make it stick


Workshops involve teaching process improvement approaches that apply to legal work, applying them to a matter type or area of law during the workshop and providing the group with the beginnings of a process map and plan for improvement.

Click here for an agenda for a typical One-day Course. 

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