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The LPM Institute is the definitive source for training programs, white papers, news and materials you need to develop and implement legal project management in your organization.  We will continually add materials to this site so please check in regularly.  Also, please let us know if you have materials you would like for us to mention or provide here.

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The Second Edition of The Practice Group Leader's Handbook for Sucess

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Implementing Legal Project Management: The Legal Professional's Guide to Success - I've read several books on Legal Project Management but none were more than modestly helpful or informative. This book is in a class by itself: it highlights why and how the market for legal services has already been transformed before demonstrating how LPM provides lawyers with the tools they need to survive and prosper under these new market conditions. It notes common misperceptions and sources of resistance to LPLM among successful attorneys who are having trouble grasping the magnitude of the changes occurring around them. Even though this looks like the most expensive book on legal project management available on Amazon, it offers the best value for money because the insights it offers are so much deeper, yet very clearly expressed.  Buy this book first, and then decide if you still need any of the other, more basic "how to" books available. I would guess not. - Ysoide Customer Review posted on Amazon, July 18, 2015

The Power of Legal Project Management is a clear, concise and comprehensive handbook providing numerous applicable examples and useful advice.   Any firm that has or is planning on implementing legal project management should read this to develop a successful structure. – Rebekah E. Anderson, Director of Knowledge & Process Management, Fredrikson & Byron, P.

The Power of Legal Project Management - "This comprehensive handbook offers a clear and compelling explanation of the strong market  forces that are driving the adoption of legal project management and then goes on to provide practical advice and numerous examples of how legal professionals can effectively  implement LPM in their own practices.   For law departments, law firms of all sizes and individual lawyers alike,  this will serve as an invaluable reference source as they seek to understand and implement LPM techniques in order to better serve their clients’ needs in an increasingly competitive profession." - Dennis J. White, Partner, Verrill Dana LLP (Co-Chair, ABA Task Force on Legal Project Management in M&A Transactions)

The Power of Legal Project Management - "A comprehensive guide to building a strong legal project management structure and culture. The advice is practical, inspirational and relevant for firms in all jurisdictions." - Rachel O'Connor, Director - Knowledge Services, Allens (Australia) 

The Power of Legal Project Management - "The authors and their contributors have drawn a comprehensive road map towards an effective LPM program. For those at the start of the journey, the path and pitfalls are set out. For those already on the road, the milestones and decision points confirm their chosen route. This book is sure to become a standard reference in the nascent discipline of LPM."- Bill Garcia, Director of Legal Project Management, Thompson Hine LLP.

The Power of Legal Project Management - "Making the simple, complex is common-place.  Making the complex simple - making it crystal clear - that takes genuine insight.  In The Power of Legal Project Management Susan and David have taken a topic that is often over complicated and made it accessible to every practicing lawyer.  In an age of more for less, it is essential that all practicing lawyers seek ways to deliver quality outcomes in an efficient manner.  This book provides a practical roadmap for achieving that outcome." - Colin Jasper, Jasper Consulting

The Power of Legal Project Management - "Every new movement has its starters and sustainers, its mavericks and managers, its prophets and priests. The former cast a new vision for the future, while the latter make it happen. In The Power of Legal Project Management: A Practical Handbook, we enjoy the best of both worlds - the practical 'HOW TOs' of Legal Project Management ("LPM"), the fastest emerging legal movement and discipline of this decade, written by two of its earliest visionaries and practitioners - Susan Lambreth and David Rueff. It is a valuable tool to help legal professionals connect their work to client value, and should be ‘required reading’ in every law firm and corporate legal department interested in doing so." - Attorney Mark E. Lassiter, Founder, Lex Projex®

The Power of Legal Project Management - "Thorough, thoughtful and practical - the definitive resource for those at all stages of embracing project management and process improvement in the legal profession." - Aileen Leventon, QLex Consulting

The Power of Legal Project Management - The ABA recently published “The Power of Legal Project Management,” a robust how-to guide for firms looking to implement project management programs. I’m leading that effort at my firm, and have already found this handbook to be more useful than anything else out there on the topic. What this “practical handbook” (as the cover touts) has that some other LPM guidebooks lack, happen to be the exact kinds of things I was beginning to research for our program. When the book arrived on my desk, I realized it was going to save me scores of hours of research. Specifically, the book includes 17 case studies that are written almost like stories, and share each of the profiled firm’s paths to their LPM programs. This is helpful to avoid some of the same pitfalls they experienced and to leverage their successes, as well as to give me an idea of which firms are similar enough to my firm that I might contact them with questions. Everyone in this burgeoning space seems really willing to share information and advice, but sometimes it’s not relevant if the firm is significantly different in size, scope or practice than ours. I also appreciated a section of interviews with the top LPM technology companies. We’ve been meeting with many of these companies, and the profiles in the book have been great preparatory reading for our firm’s management.  Also in the book, there’s a unique discussion about lawyer personalities vis-à-vis LPM, by the always-insightful Dr. Larry (Richards) of LawyerBrain. So far, in the two weeks that I’ve had the book, I’ve turned to it multiple times a day – I’m really grateful. We have an internal LPM blog as part of our training and education efforts in this space so we’ll be using the ABA handbook to help keep our blog current and practical. Kudos to the authors, Susan Lambreth of LawVision Group and David Rueff of Baker Donelson, as well as their many experienced contributors, for writing the definitive handbook on developing and implementing successful LPM programs. - Terri Pepper Gavulic, Fisher & Phillips LLP

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