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Many legal organizations have been implementing legal project management over the past decade and the maturity level of the programs and approaches has increased dramatically. For law firms, it has gone from being something you could put some language in a proposal about (even if you had no formalized approaches) to a situation where the clients ask in-depth questions about your approach, your successes, your tools and more.

If your law firm or legal department is interested in ensuring that it is implementing “best practices”, achieving competitive advantage and more, the consultants with LawVision Group can help you evaluate your LPM efforts or initiative compared to other organizations and today’s client expectations.  Or, if you are just getting started, we can help you determine where to begin your LPM efforts or initiative to have the greatest impact – saving time by learning from firms that have been leaders in this area.  We have also conducted audits of current LPM initiatives of some firms vis-à-vis the leading firms in these areas, to help them understand their current position and make decisions on next steps and resource allocations. 

We identify your current level of legal project management capabilities, the gaps between your objectives and your capabilities and the necessary steps to take it to the desired level. We assess your capabilities in the core elements of a successful LPM initiative (including lawyer buy-in, budgeting and planning tools, professional support of the function, training, knowledge management, incentives and compensation alignment and more) and benchmark your firm against the competition and/or client expectations in these areas. Having worked with many of the leading firms on their LPM initiatives and researched and written the most comprehensive books on the topic, the LawVision consultants are very familiar with what it takes for a firm to develop a high-functioning and cost-effective LPM approach, program or initiative. Whether your firm is just getting started or wanting to take its investment and efforts to date to the next level, LawVision consultants can help.

We are helping firms on the change management aspects of implementing LPM. We have assisted firms through speaking at partners’ retreats, helping firm leaders build the “business case” to overcome skeptical partners’ concerns and more.  We can help your firm understand how other major firms are implementing project management approaches.  The key areas for success in implementing a LPM initiative include: (1) partner buy-in and accountability; (2) alignment of compensation/incentives; (3) training; (4) tools and resources (pricing/budgeting tools; project management tools, project managers, etc.); (5) knowledge management; and (6) positioning/marketing.

Between our consulting work, books we have written for the American Bar Association and a variety of conferences we run, we have extensive knowledge of what law firms are doing in this area and what in-house counsel expect.



LPM Institute offers a selection of courses ranging from short (two- to four-hour) introductory sessions, tailored to meet the educational objectives of firm retreats, practice group meetings, or other firm events, to comprehensive one- or two-day intensive advanced certification courses with follow-up coaching and support. We also facilitate LPM collaboration sessions between a law firm and an individual client, and offer train-the-trainer sessions to help firms create an internal training capability to facilitate additional training, coaching and support within your organization. 


Our menu of training options includes:

Overview sessions for retreats and practice group meetings

Customized training: one-day or two-day workshops

LPM LaunchPad™ Certificate in Fundamentals of Legal Project Management (online interactive e-learning)


Testimonial: "If you're looking for a comprehensive course in legal project management, this course is excellent.  It has great content, with a good mix of background reading, assessment as you go, and practical exercises.  The online system is very easy to use."  Liz Fernando, Head of Legal Project Management, Allens

        LPMAWARE™ – Legal Project Management Essentials Program

This program provides an introduction to the essential elements of legal project management (LPM). The program is designed to help legal professionals understand how the key elements of LPM can be used to help manage client expectations, communicate more effectively with the matter team internally and connect more efficiently with in-house counsel and client teams. The program provides an introduction to project management terminology and approaches used in the legal industry, giving lawyers and professional staff the language to communicate with their clients.

Train-the-trainer courses and coaching

Our coaches are available to work with individuals, small client or matter teams, or pilot groups.  We facilitate initial implementation efforts in LPM or LPI, utilizing your existing technology or identifying new technology to support your initiative.   We can be there to get you started in the implementation process, guide you through an entire LPM or LPI rollout or anything in between.

Public LPM certification workshops

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