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We are the only organization teaching LPM that has developed a sophisticated on-demand, e-learning LPM course.  This course teaches the same tools and techniques as in our live programs but in a convenient, interactive, online format.  Building upon a foundational understanding of legal project management (LPM), lawyers and other legal professionals will learn how to integrate project management principles, skills, processes and behaviors into their management of legal matters on a day-to-day basis. Using case studies of actual legal matters, our rigorous online program enables lawyers/legal professionals to develop the skills needed to achieve clear and measurable productivity and efficiency improvements in their legal work, resulting in enhanced ability to budget, predict and manage costs and fees associated with legal matters.


We have had over 4,000 legal professionals take either our live or online LPM courses, including over 1000 in our certification course.   Our certification has been recognized by a number of global companies’ legal departments when seeking “certified legal project managers” for work with their company and the College of Law in Australia is partnering with us to teach it to their students.  Our certification is the only one we are aware of in the industry recognized by both law firms and legal departments.  


Learners take the online course and then, prepare a final project for submission.  The final project consists of a Scope of Work document and a Project Plan.  Total time for the two parts to earn LPM LaunchPad™  Certificate in the Fundamental Skills of Legal Project Management typically ranges from 6 to 9 hours.  We know from the top quality of the submissions we receive from the learners that they are learning the necessary skills to be able to implement LPM in any practice setting.  


The retail price of the course is $895 per person.   Our course book, which they can retain for use after the course to refresh their memory and use as a desk reference when they use LPM approaches, is an additional $50 per learner.  


For legal organizations wanting to train multiple individuals, we offer volume discounts and we can provide you with access to a dashboard where you can monitor the course completion by your learners.   


By completing either of our online LPM courses, you receive a certificate of completion, then LPM LaunchPad™  Certificate in the Fundamental Skills of Legal Project Management.

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